In 1977, following a vision from the Lord, Napoleon Rhodes, Senior, contacted two of his dearest friends and founded Word Counselors Ministries, as a ministry of helps to the Body of Christ

The Spirit of God had awakened Napoleon and shown him that he would be used to help unify the Body of Christ. In his vision Napoleon saw a multi-denominational body of believers - Baptists, Methodists, Catholics, Apostolics, COGICs, COGs, etc.. - marching toward him as he stood near an opened podium. An angel dressed in minister's clothing and wearing a broad smile said to him,"it's time for your short message."

During the ensuing sixteen years, Napoleon traveled throughout the country ministering to all denominations, races and cultures the uniting message of salvation through Jesus Christ.

The Convention of Covenanting Churches is an outgrowth of that ministry. It acts as a covering body for ministers and ministries who desire to form a covenant relationship with Dr. Rhodes to help unify the Body of Christ - irrespective of denominational differences, sex, race or cultural bias.

As it was with Word Counselors Ministries, The Convention of Covenanting Churches is a ministry of "helps" to all who believe in Jesus Christ and accept Him as Savior and Lord.

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